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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gratitude: Day 23-30

I fell off the thankful bandwagon pretty hard there... So, I'm combining the last 8 into 1. I'm efficient like that.

23- We have a little 14 month old walker in our house. Her little legs were low on muscle-tone (and her itty bitty feet don't help either. We thought it could be another couple of months before she took-off, but Cupcake doesn't let much get in her way when she is focused on it. So, for about 1.5 weeks, she has been walking all over the house. If I turn around for .5 seconds she is already on the 6th stair... My hair is going grey, but I'm so thankful for every little things Cupcake learns. Now, if she would just say, "mom."

24- I'm thankful for my family. It was incredible to have my cousin and her husband-to-be (in 18 days) come to play for Thanksgiving. We ate TOO MUCH FOOD. So, I'm grateful for food, and not worrying about how we will get our next meal.

25- When we put the nursery together, we gave up our 'office.' So, all of the 'office' stuff got junked in a room in the basement. That room has been a catchall, and it just needed some serious organizing. I needed some baskets/bins to really get started on the project. The husband found what I was looking for in a Black Friday add, and they were buy one, get one free. Cupcake was up at 5am, so he decided to take her shopping. The store he went to was out of carts, so he carried Cupcake (nevermind that he could have grabbed the stroller in the trunk...men), and he grabbed a garbage can with wheels and put his purchases in that. While waiting in line, he put the lid on the garbage can and let Cupcake sit on it. I was at home, blissfully asleep. I'm thankful for sleeping in and that I didn't have to hear about this crazy story until he was home, and it was all over. First world problems, I know...

26- I'm grateful for weekends, and extended breaks. I did tease the husband for taking some work calls and checking e-mail, but he tries to be engaged and present with us when he is home. It was so nice to have 4 days with him.

27- I'm grateful for Jesus's birthday celebration. Decorating the house soothes my soul. I'm only putting up 2 trees this year (because I was especially worried a newly walking Cupcake would tear them all down and drive me insane, but she is actually leaving them alone). The outside lights are up, there are FOUR stockings on my mantle (the handicapable dog gets one). I hadn't purchased a stocking for Cupcake, even though I was certain I had. So, we ventured out, and I was slightly annoyed that I couldn't find out to match the ones I already had, and it seemed a little ridiculous to purchase 4 new ones just because they would match. Cupcake ended up yanking a couple off of the shelves in the store and became completely enamored with one because it had jingle bells all over it. She would giggle and smile every time we shook it, so we bought that one. It just felt complete to hang that baby up there. 

28- I'm thankful for climbing white blood cell counts even if it is slower than we would all like for my beloved aunt, and I'm thankful for ER Dr.'s who 'pulled my uncle out of the tunnel." Yeah, there is a lot of junk going on, but I'm thankful to a God that hears our prayers.

29- I'm thankful that our beloved pooch, the handicapable Dog (Diogee), is cone and bandage free for the first time in 6 weeks. He 'broke his back' memorial weekend, and recovery took most of the summer, and then he needed a minor surgery in the middle of October, which led to infections and sores that wouldn't heal. He is so happy, happy, happy without the cone, and while it was a nice break from him trying to chew Cupcake's stuffed animals, I'm so thankful for the joy and companionship he brings to our family.

30- I'm thankful to be looking forward to a holiday season of friends and family. I bought lots of "gifts with a purpose" and I made some pretty fantastic DIY gifts. I'm just excited to celebrate the birth of Jesus and all that means, with the ones I love most in this world. I try not to wish my days away, but I was pretty excited to say good-bye to 2010 this year, and while 2011 brought one of the greatest joys of our adult lives (Cupcake), it has been a year of trials for our loved ones. I'm looking forward to a fresh start. I have a feeling 2012 has some pretty amazing things in store, and I don't think the Mayans were right... Thanks for reading along! I'll have to get a post up of Cupcake's recent pics, because let's be honest...that's why my 3 family members look at this blog... Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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