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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thankful: Day 6

I'm thankful for my parents. Thankful isn't even the right word. More like, I'm forever indebted. It's probably hard to believe that I wasn't perfect growing up, not like I am now. :) I was sassy, and not in a good, cute way. I heartily tested my limits. They STILL tell a story about how I was sitting in the living room chatting with my family, and I was laughing one minute and the next minute I was upset about something, and I stomped off yelling to my bedroom. I REALLY appreciate that they still tell the story. I don't even remember the situation, but it sure is FUN to 're-live' it anyway! I won't get into the backstory(s), but I distinctly remember being grounded to the house, from the phone and television, and getting caught on the phone anyway. I made coming home late an art form. I could go on, and on, an on, but I won't. The internet doesn't have enough space. Let's just say, I was not exactly a model citizen. 

Those parents of mine encouraged me, guided me, repeatedly helped me find a better path, celebrated me, taught me and prayed for me. I'm thankful to have some pretty great examples to emulate. Considering we went out to dinner on Friday and then grocery shopping, it is safe to say I just turned into them. Oy. 

So, there is no way that I did this post justice, but I have to save something for their Mother's Day and Father's Day cards. Thanks for EVERYTHING Mom and Dad!

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