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Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Beautiful Heart Wrapped in a Beautiful T-shirt

You know how I know going back to work might be good for me? I have spent too much time this week trying to refrain from writing 80 million different blogs. I want this adoption journey to be an open one, and I want people to feel comfortable asking us questions, but trust me...you don't want to be privy to my every thought about this process. One word: Neurotic (smile).
Alas, it is Saturday night (almost Sunday morning) and I am writing this particular entry because I happened to check out Facebook on my phone before bedtime. I came across something that made my heart leap and I just had to share. 
This is Hannah W. She is the daughter of one of my co-workers, and the way I hear it, she begged for this shirt because she wanted to help Orphans in Africa. I LOVE KIDS. I think she is striking this pose because she is showcasing her new T-shirt, but in my mind, it is more like that thing little kids do when you say, "SO BIG" because clearly, her heart is "so big." Thanks for being such a caring kid, Hannah and wanting to help support the cause! We LOVE YOU!

I try really hard to not get caught up in all of the statistics, because behind all of the numbers we are really talking about human lives, but I came across one that I will share, here. The Human Development Report said in 2008 that 78% of the population of Ethiopia lived on less than $2 per day. The shirts we are selling (top right of the page) cost $20. We had an original goal of $500 raised so that we could make a donation to the orphanage so that they may continue their blessed work. We are only a couple of shirts away from our goal! You can e-mail me using the button below, or just order via paypal if you are interested. We have decided to not stop at a mere $500. We would like to "pay it forward" and help other families (if we can) to meet their financial commitments in the adoption process. In either case, it is all about the children having their needs met. Just one more factoid: (but I can't quote where I read this), $15 will feed a family of 5 for about a month in Ethiopia, and there are many in need! TOTAL. MIND. BLOWER.

Well, now I really must get to bed. My soap box is asking me to give it a rest...

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Becky Nakashima Brooke said...

You are wonderful! So glad I meet you two:)


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