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Saturday, August 14, 2010

What Do I Have In Common With Amy Poehler?

I know your first instinct was to say that Amy Poehler is HILARIOUS and so am I. Well, let's just take this escapade one step further. What do the things below have in common with each other and with me?

So, what do I have in common with Amy Poehler, the state of Colorado and former President Gerald Ford? Well, Ms. Poehler is 38, Colorado is the 38th state in the union and Gerald Ford was the 38th President of the United States. Guess that makes us #38 on the waiting list!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY DANCE!
 The mental goal is to not put too much stock in the number, because what it means is that 37 families submitted their completed paperwork to the agency ahead of us and have not been matched with a child yet (called a referral). Those families could be requesting different genders and ages, and many of us could be open to accepting different special needs within our family. HOWEVER, I have to say--we feel pretty great about knowing we have come to the point where we are truly in the wait! We have one more piece of paperwork to accomplish, and that is our immigration approval. Let's just say, that a few hours after we found out our number and felt oh so great about it, we got our fingerprinting appointments (also very exciting). We have to drive to Des Moines to get them taken care of (not really a big deal), BUT they gave Kevin and I appointments on different days! Well, getting a hold of someone at a government bureaucracy who has the willingness and capability to help me out shouldn't be too difficult, right? (said with lots of foreboding and sarcasm). Have an awesome weekend!!!!!!

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Mary Pat Wahl said...

Oh my dear Lindsey how you make me laugh! I love your unique way to announce that you are 38th on the list. I am THRILLED! It has taken many months but you have made it!


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