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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Countdown to Fingerprints

We will be in Des Moines bright and early on Friday to get our fingerprints done at Homeland Security. Once the prints and our application are processed, we will (hopefully) receive our approval (I171-H), and that will be our last piece of paperwork until we receive our referral. Can I get an, "OH YEAH?!" 
 We think our wait list number is at the very least #37 (unofficially). Holla! I received the cutest text message this week from a friend that said, "I can't wait until you are #1 on the list!" I want that too, but I'd rather not be on the list at all! :) I am going to try this new thing I heard about, I think it was referred to as patience. Sounds like an interesting concept. :)

A note about T-shirts. I still have a few left, so if you would still like one, let me know! Thanks a million to all those who have already purchased one! 

I am ready for a great week, and I hope you are too! xoxo
Maui in '09-- dreaming about my happy place...

1 comment:

SaraLyons said...

You will be #1 before you know it! Thanks for sharing your journey:)


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