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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Soul Sister on a Sole Mission

My habit this summer (when we are actually home), is to get on and scan for any updated posts from some of my blogs. There were 4 or 5 this morning (which is like a dream come true!) Just an FYI, my mornings have gone a little something like this: Alarm, Snooze, Alarm, Snooze, Alarm, Snooze, Alarm...ALRIGHT I'M UP! Let Diogee out, take blackberry with me and catch up on late night messages and facebook goings on. Go to living room, open laptop, check out blog-world. Don't judge, I have summer break, and with adoption...I consider the blog world to be my Ultrasound experience, Birthing Class, etc. I'm allowed (smile). So, once I finish up there...I get on with the rest of the day. Yes, I realize next summer I won't be hitting a snooze button, there will hopefully be little cries and giggles from a little one, so I am soaking up the selfishness that I have allowed myself this summer.  I digress, (if you know me...I go off topic...A LOT). So, I was going to do a silly picture, and these are going to be of people in my family and some of my close friends. BUT, I came across the sweetest blog this morning!!!!! Sami is an 11-year old girl. Her family is adopting a 4-year old little boy from Ethiopia. She has been working hard to learn about the culture and people of Ethiopia. One of the things she has discovered is the problem of poverty. You know what I love about Sami? She didn't just say, "Oh, that's too bad. Someone should do something to fix that." Sami IS helping. She is making really cute bottle cap necklaces and selling them to buy SHOES for children in Ethiopia. I LOVE SHOES and I LOVE ETHIOPIA! I bought a necklace immediately! They are $5 with $1 shipping and handling. $5+$1=$6. She is up to 39 pairs of shoes and isn't quitting! Please check out her blog by clicking here: http://littlegoody2-shoes.blogspot.com/ The name of her page is: Little Goody 2 Shoes. Get it? I hope she had help with that name, because she is just too smart and sweet!  Enjoy!

I didn't have a picture to actually accompany this blog, but I can't get enough of this shot with my siblings and I. Yes, we are all that FUN!


Carin said...

This little girl rocks!!! I had to support her and order a cute necklace! Thanks for sharing!

kwahl said...

I definitely bought a necklace! I'm pumped! :)

LBWV said...

I can't wait to see how many shoes she posts she can buy next! By my count, She sold at LEAST 7 necklaces yesterday! So exciting!!!!!


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