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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This One Goes Out To My Sister

Is it weird to dedicate a blog post to my sister? Oh well, I just did. I just got back from my last little adventure for the summer. Kevin and I went to Chicago for a couple of days with my little sister and her boyfriend (Kara & Ben). We had a blast! The quick rundown: Navy Pier, boat cruise, Chicago stuffed pizza, Shedd Aquarium (a 2 hour wait to get in, mind you), dinner at Ed Debevic's with a sassy server :), White Sox/Twins game (TWINS WIN!)-- we missed a couple of planned things, but there is always next time!!!! 
To keep this blog/post adoption journey related, we got an e-mail while in Chicago about our Dossier. We had sent it in last week, BUT we weren't technically suppose to. The process has slightly changed. The "old" way, families sent in their completed dossier as soon as the home study was state certified, and families simultaneously filed I-600A forms to immigration. Once the dossier was received, families would be put on the official waiting list and given a number. Not much can happen without the immigration approval, but it feels so good to be on the waiting list while completing the last step of the paperwork/paper chase. The "new" way, families do not send in the dossier until immigration approval is received (the approval can be lengthy because you WAIT for a fingerprinting appointment, then WAIT until your appointment date has arrived, then you WAIT until the fingerprints and application are processed (and of course, sometimes there are issues, so you re-submit different things and WAIT some more for approval). All that time, in the "new" way families are not technically on the list (but the process isn't actually lengthened any, if this confuses you, just ask if you really want me to explain it, otherwise...just go with me on this one.)
To make a long story longer...the cut-off from the "old" way to the "new" way was getting your stuff submitted by August 1st. Well, due to our home study being sent to the wrong address and other fun things, we didn't receive our state certification for the home study until August 3rd. Yup, we missed being on the waiting list by 2 days. Well, Kevin and I decided to try to "sneak one by the goalie" as I like to call it. We then talked to the agency, and they said they would not submit our paperwork to the US Embassy in Ethiopia until we received our immigration approval since we missed the deadline. Oh well, worth a shot, right? YES IT WAS! BECAUSE, while we were in Chicago, we got an e-mail stating that due to the "grace period" they did comb through our paperwork and everything was in order. We will be given our waiting list # at the end of this week! CAN I GET AN "OH YEAH?!" (to borrow a line from my sister). Just made me smile. Each little piece helps us to feel like this is becoming a reality and it is so exciting! Thanks for all of the prayers and well wishes!  
I will leave this one with some Chicago pics...

Kara and I sporting our sweet, pink glasses for the 4-D, "Happy Feet" movie at the aquarium

Kara was afraid that one of the seagulls flying around Navy Pier would poop on her. You can't see it well and this was post some clean up measures, but one of those suckers got her right on the eyebrow! She didn't think it was too funny, but I sure did! :)

If I HAD to pick my favorite MLB team, I would say the TWINS, but I am not a die-hard by any means! So, I sported a White Sox shirt to the game, because I am not prepared to go to battle for wearing a Twins shirt at a White Sox home game. Though, the Twins sure did come to play...I've never witnessed so many home runs.

Kara is more of a Twins fan, but she showed her White Sox support for her boyfriend, Ben. It is his favorite team. I'm so glad he got to go to a game at US Cellular Field. I am sorry we didn't tell the team he was there, so they could have had a better game, but I think we ALL had a good time!


Carin said...

Woo Hoo!!! Way to go--can't wait to hear your number!!!

kwahl said...

WOO HOO.. it's dedicated to me! Can i get an "Oh YEAH?!" lol
P.S. Lovin' the pics
P.S.S. Lovin' that you are soon to get an awesome number! :)

Cameron and Megan said...

can't wait to hear your #! Congrats!


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