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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Face to Face

Kevin and I are big on telling our news face to face as much as we can, but it grows more difficult each day. I have a hard time not posting things about the process on Facebook, etc. We have told our friends and loved ones that we talk to regularly, and hated having to do most of that over the phone. We decided we would wait until we would be together with more of our family to tell all of our aunts, uncles and grandparents. Sometimes, I feel guilty for keeping the "secret," because it has been such a beautiful process, and nothing would honor us more than having all of those people praying with us on this journey! We got an opportunity to Skype with Kevin's Nana and Grampa, so it felt a little more like being able to share face to face, but like Nana said, "I still want to be able to hug you!" We want that too.

I am traveling to NoDak this coming weekend for AMO's baby shower, and am looking forward to sharing with my girlfriends about our journey! We went home for Easter, but ended up only being able to see family members that already know. Let's not even mention how badly my mother wants to talk with people about it! :) --Not sure if I will be able to make it until July 4th without sharing with the rest of our families! The blog traffic ought to increase once they all know :)

I am glad miss CMW encouraged me to start this blog. It gives me an outlet to share some of what I am thinking and feeling. Trust me, only sharing some is good thing! 

Just a quick note about the actual process! We took our "Parents in Process" class this weekend. It  was really nice to have some questions answered. It was also an experience that really got us thinking and talking about the many facets of this process we will encounter. What an awesome think to have for people on this journey. So thankful. Our conversations in the car on the way home were awesome. We always thought we were pretty good about communicating with each other, but this process has moved us to a whole new level and it leaves me wondering how we got along the first 10 years of our relationship. We pray together more than ever before. What a beautiful thing! 

We enjoyed meeting the other 2 couples that are on this journey as well, and they are both going to Ethiopia too. How cool is that?! We look forward to sharing with them in the months/years ahead. 

So, the education piece of the homestudy is complete, and we were able to send in all of the homestudy paperwork because we have our new address! Hopefully 6-8 weeks and the homestudy process will be complete and we can focus more on the Dossier paperwork! Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!

Have a blessed week!

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