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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Month in Review...

The night before Middle School Career Day! I have been looking forward to getting the preparation and events over with for a month now. We knew the month of April was going to be filled with business and stress, and it is one day from being complete. I usually try not to wish my days away, but this month has been exceptional in many ways. Each day was a new adventure and not always a good one. We put the condo on the market (and it sold--while Kevin was in India!), Kevin was obviously out of the country for 10 days, we worked fast and furious on adoption paperwork before he left, and now some of that will need to be re-done when we know our new address (oh well)! I (with great help), organized and put on a Fun Carnival night for my middle school students, and now I am one day from having Career Day behind me. It was a lot to undertake, but it has worked out to be a wonderful month!

The plan going forward is to see as many houses as humanly possible this weekend. We would like to put in an offer soon, so that we can move in early June (the buyer closes on our Condo on June 15th). We have some more paperwork to accomplish, and we are excited to attend our 1st part of the Parenting in Process class on May 7 and 8! We have been looking over the curriculum for the weekend, and much to our relief it will answer some of the many questions floating in our minds (i.e.--how does one talk to child about adoption, how does one take steps to successfully be a multi-cultural family, etc.) Will keep this updated on the many wonderful lessons we learn. Also, looking forward to networking with families that are going through this process at the same time!

A little plug--If you notice the graphic on the upper-right of this page, you will see the outline of Africa and a saying that is quickly becoming dear to my heart. "5 million children looking for a heart to call home." The graphic was made (with major help from a beautiful friend, AMO). Our hope is to make that graphic into a T-shirt and to sell them. We would use the $ to put toward a gift for the agency/orphanage supporting our baby. It just feels like they do so much to nurture so many little ones and to help them find "forever families," and we want to find a way to say a little extra "thank you" and provide them with a few extra blessings. You will not be harassed into purchasing a shirt, but if you want to support our cause, we will hopefully have more information very soon. Thanks AMO for your help in cleaning up my idea! xoxo

I am about to be an "auntie," when a great friend (CJV) gives birth to her first baby (hopefully in the next week), keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers!

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