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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Let that Light Shine

My little sister used to have an endearing way of counting down to something she was looking forward to, so 3 more sleeps until Kevin gets back from India! I know, I know, we have spent time at a distance before, but I was surrounded by good friends/roommates. Now, I am a grown-up and had to do responsible things like go to work and prep the house for 7 showings while he was gone. I did have an impromptu date with a lovely lady (and it went a little too late into the night for the both of us!)

I don't want this blog to become a spot where all I write about is the problems I encounter, because Kevin and I have so many blessings in our lives, and we are keenly aware of them (most of the time). However, this month has been unique. Just a lot of extraneous stuff and stress happening at the same time. Less than a week from now, I will be all happy wappy and wondering why I was complaining about April in the first place.

Let's recap the last few days. Kevin left a week ago for India. He had an incredibly long journey out, because the Volcano in Iceland made it impossible for him to travel through Europe. Instead, his trek was Cedar Rapids, Chicago, Tokyo, Bangkok, Mumbai and finally Hyderabad, India. He experienced a little culture shock right away, but has adjusted and enjoyed his time and work there. He is ready for some regular food though! 

We had 2 offers fall through on the Condo last week, but we had 7 showings this weekend. Something to be truly grateful when selling a house, but when you have to leave with your dog and can't take a walk due to rain, it becomes taxing and eats up your entire weekend (trust me). I rushed home from work on Friday to get the dog out for a showing, and when we were getting in the car I spilled 3/4 of a can of Diet Coke on the driver's seat. Cleaned it up the best I could and switched cars. During the 10 am showing on Saturday, my car started to overheat. I ended up parking a few blocks from home and shutting it off. When I knew it was safe to go home I got the car home and decided to leave it so Kevin could fix it when he got home :). I was in between showings and decided to make a quick lunch. Unfortunately, the next showing popped by 40 minutes early! I was so flustered. I shoved my lunch in the fridge, shut off the garbage TV show I was watching and told them to come on in. I grabbed the dog and we headed out. Once outside, I quickly realized that I failed to grab car keys or the dog leash. My next door neighbor kindly took us in! Came back home to eat lunch and get ready to leave for the open house. I was now driving the non-broken vehicle but it was low on gas. Not a problem, just get to a gas station, right? WRONG! I pulled in only to find out my wallet had been left behind in the broken car. Great! I didn't want to chance it since I had driven 20 miles home from work the day before and was afraid of running on fumes. So, Diogee and I parked a few blocks from home and shut the car off. It was pouring so we stayed in the car and napped together. 

I was relieved to have the day of showings over with. Our sweet realtor called and said that she didn't get any great feelings from the weekends showing, but assured me she would follow up with everyone. I was feeling a little blue about that, but she called a few hours later to ask if one of the prospective buyers could come for a 3rd showing Sunday morning. On the one hand, great news!!!! On the other, I was mourning the loss of staying in bed for a few extra hours. She also asked me if I would be willing to clean the outside of our basement window. It was all mucky due to the monsoon rains we had been having all day, which caused water and mud to splash on it. When I got home, I went downstairs to see if I could figure out how to pop the screen out. To my surprise, I found a rather serious window leak. Great, just what you want when someone is coming back to look at your home (sarcasm)! I called both Kevin in India and our realtor in tears. It took some doing, but both gave me a better perspective. (One of those times when I needed to be reminded I will survive and have many things to be thankful for). Well, I soaked 4 towels throughout the night trying to keep the water cleaned up, but prayers were answered and the rain stopped in the morning (and so did the leak!) We did disclose the problem to the possible buyer with assurances we would have the Association Board over to look at/fix the problem. After all this mess, WE GOT AN OFFER! Let's hope the 3rd time is the charm and this one sticks! We should know more by Tuesday afternoon. Keep your fingers crossed!

Well, this was clearly an all too lengthy post, and it is past my bedtime. I just thought I should get that all of my chest (even though I have already texted/e-mailed and called many about these events! I am done with all of that now (well, I will probably tell a few co-workers, but I deserve forgiveness because Kevin isn't here to share and vent with!)

Have a wonderful week! Love!

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