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Saturday, August 13, 2011

3 Weeks Together...

Time for a progress report. I think we get a solid C+ for this week. Again, it is a pretty subjective grading system (based solely on my feelings). Total, K took a month off from work. 1/2 week was because I was so sick and he was scared to leave me alone for too long, and he suddenly had to prepare for the trip (including buying everything like diapers and formula) by himself. Then he was in Ethiopia for 1.5 weeks and then he spent another 2 weeks at home and we just got to play, happy little family. I used to have to plan 6 months in advance for him to take an entire week of vacation, so it was awesome to have him home for 2 straight weeks (and he only checked work e-mail a couple of times)! Well, this was his first week back to work, so it was my first week as a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom). Ummm, that really meant...stay home. It was a little unnerving for me to spend that many hours in a row in my house. I did brave up and stick Cupcake in her dreaded carseat a couple of times. The first time, she literally screamed the whole way to our destination (7.3 minutes away), she immediately calmed the second I freed her from her carseat, but was so worked up she puked on me. My apologies to everyone at the Post Office that day while I mailed my mom her birthday present, I'm sure my shirt smelled *lovely*. Cupcake screamed the 7.3 minutes on the way home too. I was going to go other places, but thought better of it with lots of vomit on me, and a really upset child! We ended up at Urgent Care hours later, and she has a double ear infection. On the bright side, she is sleeping MUCH better now, and she babbled happily on our next carseat adventure (for the most part). 

One of the things keeping the grade in the plus category is that Cupcake is clearly feeling more comfortable with her surroundings. She spent a good 2 weeks staying in a 5 foot circle in the living room, content to play with the toys we set in front of her. A couple of days ago, I left her in the living room to her own devices while I quickly ran to the powder room (8 feet from the living room). I was in there for no more than 45 seconds and she had inched her way into the connected breakfast nook and was discovered splashing away in Diogee's water dish. Poor dog, nothing of his is safe any longer. I was both alarmed that she moved that far that fast, and pleased that she now has the desire to explore more of her surroundings. 

We went on a short walk. Side note: Diogee the handicapable dog was just cleared to resume 'normal' activities slowly over the next 4 weeks. His gait still isn't 'normal' and it may never be, but he has regained a lot of his functioning, and it was so fun to take him on a short walk! He loved it and tried to mark everything (even though he still has difficulty getting into proper position so as to not get urine on himself). The walk went fairly well, but Diogee's gait worsened as he got tired, and Cupcake became frustrated with not being able to see my face in her stroller. So, 20 minutes was plenty long for both of the little beings in my charge. 

If someone with much more experience has an idea (that doesn't involve waking up earlier) so that I can shower regularly, that would be much appreciated. Cupcake is struggling a little when we are further than 3 feet away from her, so showering is difficult. I got about halfway through a shower without her crying when I piled toys in front of her in the bathroom, and sang (even though I would expect my singing to make anyone cry). I'm nervous to shower when she is down for nap, because my bathroom shares a wall with her nursery, but maybe I should just get over that? 

I think we will all feel a little more comfortable during the work week this time around, so I only expect the grade to go up. :)

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SaraLyons said...

It may not feel like it but it sounds like you are doing great! She is too precious:)


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