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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

11 Months Ago...

You, Cupcake,  came into this world, and I'm certain the world is a better place for it. In just your 3 weeks home, you have brought immense joy into our lives, and I never thought I could say that on so little sleep (It is 7:00 am and you are already down for a *nap*, I guess you didn't want to miss a moment of your 11 month celebration). I find myself in a mental Never-never land of sorts. I get so excited when you learn something new (and I'm especially proud that I taught you to clap for yourself when you do something exciting), and my euphoria is quickly followed by a fearful thought about how you are growing up so quickly, and I want to keep you little. I'm pretty sure that is both an adoption thing and a regular-momma thing. I feel like we missed out on so much together, but then I'm reminded that you are stuck with me for life, so it is okay, you are allowed to grow and learn. 

It is exciting that I can now record what kinds of things you are up to, instead of guessing, wondering and gleaning little bits of information from a health and development report!

*You excitedly clap any time Daddy or I say, "Yay!"
*You LOVE and the smiles are easy for both of your Grampas.
*You can sign "all done" and understand what it means.
*You wave buh-bye, and now understand what it means. You like to wave it at people (the rare occasion that we leave the house) when you want them to leave you alone, and I secretly love, love, love when you advocate for yourself that you want some stranger to beat it.
*For the most part, you sleep well at night, unless you aren't feeling too well, then you are up every 1/2 hour...hence, you are already napping at 7am. When you are feeling like yourself, you nearly always wake up with a smile on your face and a giggle in your throat. Sometimes, you giggle at me when I am about to lay you down (and I think you are completely asleep, and you laugh as if to say, NOT SO FAST, you can't quit snuggling with me yet!)
*You love to snuggle "Your Pal, Violet," and you dance when she plays music.
*Diogee the handicapable dog is warming up to you, and you like to try to get in his dog bed with him.
*You are trying to figure out the sign for "more," "eat," "bath," and "dance."
*You learned to crawl on all 4's, but you prefer to 'army crawl' or 'inch worm,' because you can get to your destination faster.
*You are sort of warming up to your carseat... sort of.
*The stroller isn't your favorite place either, but you tolerate it if you can see Diogee (for a short period of time). On the other hand, you can literally spend HOURS in the Beco Baby Carrier.
*You like to eat paper. I think you sneak a little bit every day, and when I try to get it from you, you get really upset with me...
*You don't have any teeth, but continue to be a drool monster. I thought you were teething, but upon further investigation at Urgent Care, you had a double ear infection ( and it was confirmed, that you really do hate Dr.'s, and will have a meltdown the second you see a stethoscope. It is the most helpless feeling in the world to watch you panic over it. I want them to help you feel better, but I don't want you to be so scared!
*You LOVE bath time, and I end up soaked from all of the splashing.
*You look adorable in any and every outfit, and you definitely do not like all of my hair/head accessories for you, but I'm working on it :)

--We've been studying each other, and we are starting to understand each other a little more each day, which is an amazing feeling. I could seriously make this list go on and on and on.

**Cupcake, you are loved and cherished. I sometimes get choked up watching you sleep. I can't believe you are here, in our house. I don't know what we did in our spare time before you were here! 

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