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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We Are Getting Closer!!!!

I apologize for not posting for a while (which is weird that I would apologize, because it isn't like I'm some all powerful blogger...I'm probably talking to myself!) I digress... We have just been doing the whole work routine, etc. Guess what really good news I have?! Our countdown is getting smaller!!!!!!!!!!!! I have PROOF, to:

Where the countdown started....

Almost to the 1st loop!!!!!!! Yippee!!!
I just started collecting donations for the orphanage! Thanks for the donation, Cheryl!!!!! If you want to add to this, I posted the list of needed items below. Thank you in advance!!!!

1st donation from Cheryl :)
  • Please note that medications should not be brought to as a donation. Topical ointments are okay
  • Baby Packs/Slings (for the nannies to carry the babies)
  • Clothes and shoes for children aged 5-10. Please note the clothing for infants is not needed at this time.
  • Sippy Cups with lids
  • Bottles and nipples
  • Sheets for cribs & toddler beds
  • Lotion(non floral)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Toys for toddlers, preschoolers
  • Blocks for stacking
  • Stacking cups
  • Wooden Puzzles
  • Baby dolls
  • Activity quilts (with buttons/ zippers etc)
  • Plastic Feeding Spoons for toddlers
  • Fly Paper
  • Baby Powder
  • Cloth diapers
  • Plastic pants or cloth diaper covers
  • Clotrimazole ointment
  • Diaper Rash Cream (over the counter)
  • Disposable Masks
  • Flashlights with batteries
  • Baby blankets
  • Bottle/Nipple brushes
  • Thermometers
  • Mosquito nets
  • Travel Packs of baby wipes (for the nannies to take with them when they travel with the babies)
  • Anti fungal creams (over the counter)
  • Vitamins for infants/toddlers/older children
  • Educational and Instructional Items – the staff is setting up a classroom to teach children in at each care center. Education instructional items, such as the Alphabet to hang on the walls, numbers, etc…would be greatly appreciated. 


SaraLyons said...

I seriously can't wait for you!

nic said...

love your count down loops! i just might construct some for our house during one of these nights when it's 2am and i'm too wired with travel thoughts to sleep. :)


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