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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Doll Chair for our Daughter

I'm almost embarrassed by the outpouring of love, support, kind words and prayers that we have received since receiving the referral of our beautiful daughter. Along with that, we have received extremely thoughtful and beautiful gifts. When I get the closet of the "nursery to be" a little more cleaned up, I'm going to take a pic of all of the outfits and accessories she will be inheriting. They are aplenty and oh-so-adorable. 2 of the amazing thoughtful gifts we received have her name engraved, and we can't reveal that online, so I can't post a picture. :(

A few Mondays ago, I walked into my office at work, and I was feeling grumpy (a. it was Monday morning, b. we had lost an hour and I hadn't slept well, c. it was morning... and that isn't my primetime- ask any poor sucker that has ever had the unfortunate privilege of living with me). Well, my Monday was turned around instantly when I saw what was sitting on my desk. I don't know if I have ever mentioned how AMAZING my co-workers are, but frankly...they are the BEST. We have something called the "Booster Bucket" (actually, I think there are 2 buckets), and they just travel around the building. They get filled with treats and notes about how much we appreciate each other. What a great pick-me-up! The booster bucket was sitting on my desk, filled with chocolate, a diet coke (because it is pretty hard not to notice that is my favorite beverage). It also contained a lovely note, and the bucket was sitting on a doll chair for our daughter made by our PE teacher. Tears! How thoughtful! For those that are not fortunate enough to know our PE teacher, you are MISSING OUT. In light of recent events, I've compared him to Charlie Sheen, but in a sober way. He is always "winning," he has "one gear, GO" he probably has "tiger blood," but more than that...he has some one-liners of his own, and more than enough energy to keep up and surpass middle school students. A J.B. one-liner favorite of my own, "don't crack yer mellon," oh, oh, and "the 50 ft. rule" or "Safety First!"... Let me just say, it melted my heart to hear him say he saw the doll chair in a wood-working magazine and thought it would be perfect for me... so sweet. We are so blessed, and can't wait to share these people with our daughter! 



theweckerlys said...

That is so sweet!

christinacailao said...

Love this!

nic said...

i LOVE that your school staff does this...what an awesome idea (and what a sweet little chair!). next month!! yay!


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