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Friday, April 22, 2011

7 Months Old!!!!

Dearest Darling Girl,

I bet you are growing strong in the care of the nannies. We constantly are reassured by other parents that have visited your orphanage that you are well-loved and cared for. I like to be reminded of it often! I get these weekly e-mails about the milestones a baby your age may be accomplishing. I have to admit, I just delete them without reading. I just want to see for myself what you are up to. The good news is that we are leaving exactly 3 weeks from today and will get to FINALLY meet you in 27 days!!!! I'm still counting down the days. The countdown seems to be taking forever, but when I compare our "countdown pics" I am reminded that we have already come a long way since starting at 63 days. That paper chain was the best thing I have ever done for my mental health!

63 days at the start...

27 days left to go!!!! I can do this, I can do this...
Nana sent you an Easter/7 month birthday present! We ate the yummy chocolate that came in the Easter 'basket' she made for you. She has been trying very hard not to buy outfits (frankly, I'm surprised she lasted this long). The shirt is true..."Some Bunny" does love you :) Actually, lots of 'bunnies.' 

 Cheesecake was the dessert we had to celebrate your 7th month. I think I was so excited (as that is my favorite dessert...even though it wasn't the prized Stage Deli cheesecake in NYC) that I totally forgot to take a picture! *Momma fail*

Hoping that you felt our wishes and prayers for you today (and always), and that someone remembered to give you an extra squeeze on your day! We can't wait to love you up!!!!! 


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