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Monday, May 2, 2011

Turning Today Around

The countdown to leaving for out court trip is getting SHORTER, but it almost seems like it is taking LONGER. I'm stuck in this limbo between still having 8 kabillion (technical number) things to do, and just wanting to be on the airplane! 

Where we started... 63 days
Look how short it is!? (We cheated and pulled a few extra off. Originally the countdown was for the day we actually meet our daughter, and my chain at work is still that. This one is days until we leave!)    

So, I was having a kind of *blah* day. You know the one. It is a Monday, don't want to get out of bed and face the drama of a work day, especially when the weekend was both relaxing and productive. PLUS, I couldn't stop thinking about the HUGE snake in our window well outside our basement window. 
Okay, okay. If it was HUGE, I wouldn't have needed the arrow. It IS HUGE in my mind's eye, though! It was much more threatening when it was between the screen and window pane and rearing it's ugly head while I was in the basement yesterday!
 Any Guesses as to which one of us "manned up" to get it out of there????????????????????

YUP! I've got the snake in a shovel booking down our sidewalk. My lovely husband wouldn't even come close enough to take a picture of the snake on the shovel. I should have guessed when he freaked out because his phone vibrated when we were standing over the window well. I may have laughed so hard I snorted at him. I forgive him. He is the official 'spider getter.' If we have any rodents, etc....he is on DECK, and you will all help me remind him!!!!!! :)
I heaved that poor snake into the pond 1 house over. Hope he is enjoying his NEW home and doesn't come back for a visit.

I am far too verbal to make an appropriate photo story! My apologies. 

The donations keep rolling in! I packed all of these up yesterday (and forgot to take a picture...I'll do that next time).
This is what gave me courage to get the snake! I had 2 packages when I got home from work! Front and center are the comfy, cute and sensible shoes I ordered for our court trip. The first pair of shoes I've ever ordered online! May have woke a sleeping dragon there! My first pair of Keens. I think I like 'em already! The stuff piled in the back is a donation for the orphanage from an old friend, Tessa! Thanks, Tessa! Can't wait to pack it all in the next bag!
 Thanks to everyone for the donations! I promise this isn't my 'official thank you.' That is coming! :) If Monday ended on this exciting of a note, I'm excited to see what Tuesday brings!!!!!!!


Jennifer said...

You are brave!
Love those new shoes...they will be great in Addis!!!

Lori and Eric Stark said...

I told you my husband would have loved to have come to get that snake for you! I just showed him the picture and he smiled and cooed!! (not.even.kidding!) Then said, "awww, a garter snake", as he continued to smile and tilt his head side to side as he gazed at it, then said with a big smile, "cute little garter". :-) Seriously, he's like a hormonal woman gazing at a newborn baby when he sees snakes. It's sick.

LBWV said...

I just laughed so hard, I snorted (for the 2nd time today). Thanks, Lori!

SaraLyons said...

Two things: I'm the official "critter getter" in our house as well, so I can relate to having a husband who prefers to "supervise"....the other: online shopping is my drug of choice....it's a complete sickness...stop while you still can!!!! It just gets worse.....haha!

LBWV said...

Sara--I just read this comment to my husband, and he sighed relief

I LOVE to shop online as well, but I've always been afraid to buy shoes! I am very picky about how they look and feel, so I usually buy those IN store, but now I'm feeling brave about it all since these are cute, functional and comfy!!!!

nic said...

i am in AWE of you and your snake-shoveling. and i just got my quiet shoes too! yours look awesome.

yay for planes and ET and NEXT WEEK!

Melanie Robinson said...

Yay! You are getting SO close now. Who knows? Maybe we'll be there together. :)

Bullock Family said...

Hey gal, My name is Kelly Bullock and I am the new Ethiopia Missions Coordinator for Ordinary Hero. If you are still interested in taking supplies to ET for the orphanage where Ashli is working would you email me at kbullock@ordinaryhero.org


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