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Friday, May 27, 2011

Ethiopia Travel Memoir: Day 1 In Country 5/15

**These are based on my thoughts and feelings while on our trip. Some events may come across clouded and foggy due to our high emotional state while encountering each event.**
I had high hopes for today. Unfortunately, with some lingering tummy issues and foggy head we didn't accomplish much at first. By late afternoon, I had managed to shower and eat a little something. Unfortunately, at some point, I had resolved that I might stay at the guest house. I kept hoping that solid sleep would help my tummy calm down. I was praying for quick healing, because I was bound and determined to experience everything I possibly could! 

Thankfully, I got 2 hours of uninterrupted sleep. K had gone down to the lobby to get some bottled water and make plans for a dinner out. He ran into 4 other couples (other adopting families) that were heading out for a traditional Ethiopian dinner. I'm not sure if someone invited him to tag-a-long or if he invited himself, but we ended up going out with all of them. This was great, they were such fun people! Thanks, again everyone for letting us horn-in on your plans! :) 
We went to a restaurant called, Yod Absynnia (sp?). We didn't realized we would be going back here at the end of the week as scheduled by our agency, but truthfully, I didn't mind going twice. Each couple ordered an 'entree' and it all came out on the same Injera platter. We shared it all communal/family style, a this is traditional. We had Doro Wot, Tibs, and some other stuff (really intelligent, aren't I?), all, of course, with Injera.

I felt much better in the evening. I took Tylenol PM to help me sleep and made it through 7 hours without waking up once. YES!!!

I've contacted my IT department (K) to get the videos of cultural music and videos uploaded. IT department grunted back at me. I think this means it will be fixed shortly???

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