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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Accused of being "High Maintenance," Pfffft....

I don't usually sing his praises in manners such as this, because his head is big enough already ;P--but, my husband is one of the best! I was a bit of a crabby-pants this morning, because I didn't want to go to work. The weekend was gorgeous, and having Monday off tricked me into thinking we were already on summer break (Thursday here I come!!!!)-- Yes, I know--many people work year round, and I get a long break. All I have to say is, "I guess I was smarter than you when I picked my major?" :P So anyways, Kevin did not have to work today. His company gave them today off, because they no longer get Good Friday as a holiday (don't get me started on that rant). That is a whole other blog post.

He was still in bed looking all serene when I was getting ready. I was thinking ugly, jealous thoughts. Shortly after I was at work, he started text messaging all of the incredible things he was accomplishing. He ran some errands to get some dossier paperwork taken care of and to get things taken care of for our impending move. He scheduled all kinds of necessary appointments, and packed a bunch of boxes! Wow! I am rarely that productive, and I can already guarantee that my first day off on Friday will be spent having fun, not working! :)

So, I came home and proclaimed that one of my "Love Languages" is definitely "Acts of Service," --according to my wonderful husband, I change my mind regularly on what my "Love Language" is and he can't keep up. Ha! (He meant this as a joke....I think?) What can I say, maybe I am high maintenance? I like gifts, affection, quality time, positive affirmation AND acts of service...who doesn't?! Regardless, he does a pretty fine job of tending to all 5, and don't tell him I said that! ;)

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