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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We've Moved!!!!

I am sitting in my NEW living room in my NEW house writing this post. Ya know what?! It feels great! We feel incredibly blessed. We had help with the move this time around, it went relatively smooth (as smooth as a project like that can go), and we have every last item in the house (or the garage as the case may actually be), point being...it is not on a moving truck or in a car! We still have some things to unpack, but the essentials are all taken care of for now! A shout-out to my MIL and Mother who unpacked about 50 boxes and put the kitchen together yesterday. WOW! They were asking me questions about where I wanted things, and I am pretty sure my response 9 times out of 10 was, "Um, whatever you think." Honestly, my mind was so boggled by everything going on around me that I couldn't make a decision to save my life! 

We had Part 1 of the Home Study this evening. Our sweet social worker, was impressed by how much we had accomplished in 24 hours. We have Part 2 in the morning, and we are feeling ready! So, what was I fretting about before she arrived? We decided to reward ourselves and my parents (Kevin's parents had to leave this morning) with a movie. My parents are looking like happy campers on the couch watching "Avatar" on Kevin's big TV. They earned it...my mom worked right through the day, cleaning my floors and organizing more stuff. My dad spent a looooooong time cleaning the new glass top stove. Apparently is wasn't properly cared for previously. I think it looks amazing now, and he would like to give it another 'go-round.' I'm not going to tell him no! :)

We have also sold 5 shirts already and have 5 more ordered! Woot! Check them out in the previous post or to the right! 

Some promised pics from the move: 
 Would you look at the sprout coming out of that thing!? It was found in the pantry. It must have fallen out of the bag and onto the shelf below, and nobody knows just how long it was hiding back there, but we thought it was picture worthy. It is even better in person (no, we didn't save it).

So, going from Condo living to a Single-family home means we have to cut our own grass (and shovel our own snow, but I'm not prepared to think about that yet). Kevin is a bit of a thrifty spender when the situation allows. He is so proud of his $20 lawn mower. Don't worry...he talked the seller down from $25! Oh, and he got a weed whacker for free. Isn't that a beauty of a lawn mower!? He makes me laugh...

This would be the garage at the condo a few days before moving. Oy. There were still boxes and things to be packed in the house. Plus, furniture. Where did I acquire all of this junk?!
Diogee was tired of watching us pack and ready for some grooming.

Kevin's dad was the first person to go through the t-shirt box. I wanted to take his picture since he was the first person (besides Kevin) to put on one of the shirts. We should have made Diogee a shirt too! All those in favor????

Say a lil prayer...part 2 of home study is TOMORROW! 

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