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Monday, June 28, 2010


Summer is going waaaaaay too fast! I just want to slow it down and soak it all in! We've been busy trying to settle into the new house (adjusting to doing yard work- I weeded for 2.5 hours this evening...at least I think those were weeds I was pulling). We have also been making the rounds to connect with loved ones! We had an awesome weekend in Omaha, NE with Kevin's 2 best college buddies and their significant others! Can I just take a second to recognize, that I am so glad these guys have such great women in their lives now?! It used to just be me and the 3 amigos. About time we injected some estrogen into the group! 

We are 1.5 weeks into waiting for the notarized home study to arrive. By my estimation we have 2.5 to 3 weeks left, and then we can work on having it state certified and we will be ready to send our dossier paperwork in and start the Immigration forms. Yay, paperwork and waiting! Something new and different ;)

I also had a new lil boyfriend come into this world...Mr. Henry Maxwell, welcome to this crazy thing we call life. Can I just say, you are blessed with some awesome parents! I hopefully get to meet him in person next weekend, and not just a skype date, so I can post some pics! Up next, a trip to NoDak for the 4th with fun and family! We are finally going to get to tell my Grandparents about the adoption. Yay!

Until then, a few Omaha pics...I bet you can tell by the title, that lots of laughing was had this weekend :)

        My new Lemur buddy. He was trying to get away from all the people when I got              Kevin to snap this pic.

           Elephants! We walked by 10 minutes later and they had moved really far from  the      fence,  so I felt lucky to get so up close with our camera!

The Spider Monkeys were fascinating, they started lining up. I thought it was because they knew I was there to visit...I was wrong.

As evidenced by this guy, they knew people were starting to throw food, and he was saying, "I'm open coach!" Even when it went in the water, he snatched it away from the Koi. Impressive moves.

Toward the end of the afternoon, Todd thought he would try out the Spider Monkey's moves to see if it would get him some food. 

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