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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Home Study Part 1-TOMORROW!

I am excited to get this party started! Oh, and I am so nervous, I am worried about either physically vomiting or that other problem that I like to call, word vomit (you know, the one where I talk and talk and not much makes sense or is really appropriate?!) Also, for those of you who know me...I did buy a home study outfit. It really isn't about impressing anyone, but I always feel a little better when I feel like I look good. I know, shallow... So, when I admit that I am nervous, people just keep saying, "just be yourself" (including my husband). This is really great advice, and I plan to work it. However, have you ever thought about what happens when someone doesn't like you or finds you annoying/irritating? Eek! I am a headcase today! I can't say that I've had many people reject me for who I am (unless you count Middle School--which I don't). :) I just get jumbled with all of these thoughts! 

The move is progressing along! We are less than a week away! We ran out of boxes and packing tape last night (for the 2nd time), but I rectified all of that this morning! Back on track! 

While I was out, I also managed to get a few more forms done for the dossier. Go me! We are down to one form, which can't be done until we change our address, a few passport size photos, and we will start looking at the official US Immigration forms that will come next. Yup, more paperwork! ;D

I am making good on 2 of my summer goals so far...cruise through dossier paperwork and reconnect with my dearest friends. I've had a shopping trip with 2 wonderful ladies (CJ and LL) a date with my new boyfriend born 1 month ago and his momma (CVZ) and lunch with a fellow school counselor (MM). So nice to catch up with these 4 amazing women! I can't wait for more playdates! I have also been trying to document our move...will post those next week after the move. A little teaser: just wait until you see the potato we found cleverly hiding in the pantry!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful week!!!!!

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Mary Pat Wahl said...

I hope when I get there next week I can settle you down a bit. I'll try my best! As for the potato there is one word to describe it: AMAZING! I have never seen anything quite like it!


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