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Friday, June 24, 2011

While We Wait: Part 1

So, summer vacation is here (and has been for a few weeks), which means that I have waaaaaay too much time on my hands. When you combine that with weather that isn't actually representative of summer, a dog that is suppose to have constant supervision when not in a kennel due to back surgery, and waiting for an e-mail that says you can FINALLY head back to Ethiopia and pick up your daughter, you get a restless heart. 

Again, I wish the pictures were of a finished nursery, but I tend to be fairly indecisive when it comes to a room that I want to be completely PERFECT. I'm waiting on a few pieces of furniture to arrive that I purchased, and then we should be able to finish organizing the closet and hanging things on the wall. THEN, I should have pictures...I'm still looking for the 'perfect chair' for the room too. Blah...

So, We have 2.5 bathrooms in this house. They all needed some updating with paint and some fixtures. I truthfully thought this 'project' for all 3 bathrooms would take a weekend. It ended up taking a little less than a week, and we only did 2 of the bathrooms instead. There were some surprise holes in the bathroom walls, hidden by different things, so we ended up doing some wall repairs. We also couldn't get 2 more of the mirrors we wanted right away, so that is another good reason to hold off on the 3 bathroom (it's the one connected to the master bedroom, so it isn't like anyone sees it besides us?)

I forgot to take good "before" pics, but all of the bathrooms had the same color and decor, so I just snapped one of the medicine cabinet of the master bedroom. Pic below:
Master bathroom with the old 'fixtures' and messy counter...

Main floor 1/2 bath. We kept all of the walls the same color, except that blue one! It got a fresh coat on the other walls, because the previous owners picked nice colors, but they thought they were the king and queen of one coat, and it bothered me that we could see the white behind it in many places...

New mirror and light fixture, plus towel holder (not that you can tell the towel ring is new?!)
Same new fixtures upstairs...plus some serious olive green paint! It looks different in the room than in this picture...I think.

New shower curtain and curtain rod (one that won't destroy the wall!)

It's kind of a weird bathroom setup...
So, hopefully my deliveries for the nursery arrive soon! I need to find some things to hang in the bathrooms to make them "homey" too! 

Still waiting on travel clearance, but I'm going to try to just have fun this weekend and keep working on a few things here and there! 

A quick update on Diogee... It took him about a week to really look like he could stand up (even though it was about 2.5 seconds). In week 2 of recovery, he could kind of walk on his own (but often fell over like he was drunk). We can tell that he slowly gets balance, stability and stamina back. He still falls over, but not as often, and yesterday, he tried really hard to run at full speed in the backyard (even though he isn't supposed to run, jump or attempt stairs for another 8+ weeks), so I had to get him to stop. He can still be found sleeping on his puppy bed throughout most of the day, but he also wants to get outside! In the morning, he can often be seen looking out the window (and I can just hear him thinking, "Man, I wish someone would take me for a WALK!" We can't even say the word, walk, because he gets way too excited and starts drunkenly throwing his body around. Here's hoping he just continues to get a little stronger each day, (although, if he is a little sluggish when Cupcake makes her debut in the house, that might not be a terrible thing for everyone's adjustment!)
Yay for standing (even if his back paws are bent funny!) He is preparing to bark at the neighbor kids...How dare they walk in front of his house!!!

 Happy weekend to everyone!!!!!

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Shonda said...

I love decorating, and I love what you did with the green bathroom ... really, really cute!


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