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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Up and Down and All Around

That's how I've been feeling...Up and Down and All Around...

I was hoping my next post would be before and after nursery pictures, but we have had some interesting times with that little project. Stay tuned.

We are waiting for our case to be submitted to the US Embassy. The updates come on Tuesdays, and we weren't submitted this week. We were really hoping to hear we were submitted, but it sounds like we are still waiting for Cupcake's passport to be ready. Hoping, hoping, hoping that we hear good news next Tuesday. The next step will be the Embassy reviewing all of our paperwork to this point. They make sure that everything is on the "up and up" and will notify us that we are cleared for travel. We will have about 2 (maybe 1 or 3) weeks and then we head to pick Cupcake up, FOREVER. Working hard to not be a grumpystiltskin that we haven't been submitted, yet. 

We have become emotionally invested in other families bringing home their children, just as much as we want Cupcake here with us. It feels like a double blow to hear when other families have also hit roadblocks in the process (and so often for reasons that don't make logical sense to me, welcome to International Adoption...ta da!) If you are the praying type, please send a few up for all of the waiting children and families. I just wish there was something else I/we could *do* along with praying, but at some point, I have to realize that I AM NOT IN CONTROL. Maybe tomorrow?

I interrupt this melancholy whiny post to show you 2 pictures that I got from my SIL of 2 of our beautiful nieces (We have had 6 beautiful nieces born into our families, and Cupcake will have lots of strong, beautiful girlies to grow up with!) 

Behold this little miracle, born 16 weeks early (is 9 months old just like Cupcake, and is such a strong little girl...I can't even describe it in words!!!!)
We had our homestudy update visit tonight. It was nice to see and talk through things with our wonderful social worker. She is incredibly knowledgeable and reassuring. I told her we would see her in August for our 1 month post-placement visit. She liked my positive thinking! It is nice to know that she will continue to walk this process with us when we are home. She is such a warm and friendly force for us in this process.

Tomorrow, Cupcake will be 9 months old. I hope and pray that her day is acknowledged in her new care center. She deserves some extra snuggles! Love you, Cupcake!
Longing to put the new shoes on this cute little footie!


Cami said...

Hi there,

I just want to say I understand! Happy for others...but so bummed that it's not us. Hoping next Tuesday brings us good news. Thinking of you :-)

SaraLyons said...

Thinking of you and your hubby!
ps thank you for posting pics of your niece, I was wondering how she was doing the other day. Looks like she is thriving!!


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