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Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Blessings and Curses of My Procrastination

I purposefully procrastinated on things to get our house physically ready for a little Ethiopian to come home. I spent more time reading adoption and parenting books back in the days of waiting for a referral (because I didn't know gender/age). Then, I *knew* it was going to be so hard to wait between our court date and embassy date. I also knew that I would be on summer break from school in between those two dates, and I would need to keep myself busy (too much thinking makes more more impatient than normal). So, we didn't decorate the nursery, we didn't buy any clothes (even though that was REALLY hard). Well, I've been done with the school year for nearly 2 weeks, and I haven't accomplished what I meant to. Oops! I have a good reason though, promise!

Let's start with the positive...what have I managed to accomplish????

I made a tutu for Cupcake!!!!! I'm still working on a cute bow, and matching headband.
This was actually the first tutu I made her, but upon further inspection...it is WAY TOO BIG for her. I don't know what I was thinking! It is hard tell the size in the photo, but it is enormous!
We bought her, her FIRST PAIR OF SHOES!!!! er, Nana bought her the shoes, but I got to pick them out :)
We HAD to get a dress, too!
We couldn't stop at just one dress, duh! Thanks for the shopping fun, momma/Nana! (I'm still gun-shy on how many clothes to buy. I've been buying big, because I don't know what size will fit exactly, and I don't know how much of summer will be left when she gets here (here's hoping there is LOTS of summer left).
The nursery is not done... We painted the room, and then I decided I HATED the color. We bought the second color but have since been interrupted... 

Our beloved pug-a-poo (also known as the dog that is so ugly he is cute), Diogee, broke his back :(. He suffered 2 ruptured discs in his spine over Memorial weekend (and we have NO idea how it happened). He woke up on a Sunday morning and didn't really want to move, and by Sunday night his hind legs were paralyzed. Nothing to make us feel like we are going to make great parents when we made our 13lb. dog suffer an entire day. Needless to say, Diogee ended up having emergency surgery. He still can't walk (and he may never walk, but we are hopeful that he is showing us his determination with the way he scoots around the living room). We haven't been able to leave him in a kennel or unsupervised (but that should get better once his stitches are out today (Thursday). So, it has been a lot of keeping him comfortable and helping him eat and go potty (we get to squeeze on his bladder every few hours to help him pee, fun, huh?!) We finally got some things under control for him, and he is scooting around, so we are hoping to have the nursery finished this weekend! I'll be posting some pre and post pictures! :)
Got his whole back shaved? That hind leg is in a weird position too...
The actual incision is only about 4 inches toward the top, but his whole back had to be shaved because he had to have some sort of dye test done before surgery, and the needles for that apparently went in toward the back of the spine. Poor baby! His front right leg is shaved too, because that is where the IV went. Sheesh... Hoping he can walk by the time Cupcake is here!
 So, my original thinking of waiting until summer was a good kind of procrastination, but now while I'm playing dog-nurse, I wish it had been completed already. Oh well, it is a blessing to not be at work so that the pup could recover at home and not at the vet!

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