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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

He Needs A Family...

***I'm Re-re-posting this. "Adam" is still in need of a family. Feel free to pass this along. Never know who might see this face and realize that "Adam" is THEIR SON. Crazier things have happened!***
I wrote about "Adam" here. 3 weeks months later, and I still can't get him off of my mind. Our agency is actively seeking a family for this little guy. We would LOVE to see him end up in a loving HOME soon! Just take a look and maybe pass this along. You never know how has adoption on their heart, and I personally testify that he has a loving and warm heart (and you can see his brilliant smile in the pictures!)

We aren't the only family that want him to find a family. See that here.

A Story for Adam

DOB: 2/27/2006, Africa
by Ashli Keyser, Managing Editor
A glimpse……
A woman and her husband wake up early on a Saturday.  They brush their teeth, eat breakfast and do some last-minute packing. Once they are confident they have everything they need, they smile at one another in nervous anticipation, grabbing their plane tickets and suitcases. As they head toward the front door, they pass a bedroom and briefly glance inside. The room is filled with a small bed, books, footballs, clothes and toys. Today marks the beginning of the next chapter in this couple’s journey – a journey that will lead to filling their vacant room — and their lives —with happiness and love. The journey to their new son.
The journey to Adam began unexpectedly. The couple first fell in love with the cheerful and happy 5-year-old when they saw his picture and story on the Holt International blog. They had seen stories like his on the blog before, but something about this child spoke to them.
Maybe it was his photo – his glowing eyes, or his friendly grin. Maybe they fell in love with his personality traits as they read his story…..
“Adam loves to play football with his friends,” they read. “Very curious and outgoing, Adam loves trying new things. He likes pressing keys on the computer keyboard and dialing numbers on cell phones, often playfully imitating adults in the process.
The husband stopped reading for a moment and thought about playing football with Adam in the backyard. The wife dreamed about helping Adam with his homework and one day teaching him how to drive a car.
What may have sealed the deal for this couple, though, was when they read about Adam’s helpful and kind nature. “Adam can often be observed helping the other children put their shoes on or helping children find their toys.”
“This is our son!” The couple said, tears filling their eyes. “We are sure of it!” They knew it wouldn’t always be easy, but they also knew that they didn’t want to spend another moment without this child in their lives.
And in a care center half way around the world, Adam waited for his family to arrive. He had seen photos of them and had received their letters in the mail. He was excited to meet them and have a forever family at last.
Adam’s father died when he was very young, and his mother, who was disabled, was unable to provide the care he needed. He arrived into Holt’s care in July of 2010 and was later found to be a carrier of Hepatitis B and C. Although he did not have an active illness, he needed a family who was comfortable with his diagnosis, and who would love him forever.
And now, that family was on their way to him…….
When the couple arrived at Adam’s care center, after a long flight, they breathed a sigh of relief and stood in a room, waiting in anticipation. And then, the wait was over. There he was – their Adam. They embraced their son for the first time, and at that moment two stories — two lives — became one.
This family’s story was just beginning. Adam was home.
But this is just a story. Just a glimpse of what could be but, for Adam, hasn’t happened yet.
Right now, Adam, the beautiful boy to your left, continues to wait in a care center in Ethiopia. A family hasn’t come for him yet. He waits for one family to see his photo, read his story and to know without a doubt that he’s the one for them. He waits for a father to play football with, a mother to help him with his homework. He waits for a story of his own – a story that ends with him in the arms of a loving family.
Adam doesn’t have a family yet, but he hopes for one every day.
Will you be the family in Adam’s story?

Interested in adopting Adam, contact Erin Mower at erinm@holtinternational.org

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