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Monday, July 25, 2011

Together Forever

From now on, July 23rd will be known as our Famiversary with Cupcake. We have decided not to reveal her name on the blog, but if you know me, and are my friend on facebook, you already know the cuteness that is her name. 

We are together, forever. Wow, that still doesn't feel real, and I can bet the dog wishes it weren't so. He is having a rough transition. He is obsessed with dirty diapers whether they are still worn or not. He wants to lick and sniff every inch of Cupcake and while she tolerates it well, he gets much to zealous for our liking. Of course, the moment we finally get him settled in, Cupcake goes looking for him to torment him (this beginning the cycle all over again). She isn't crawling, but she sure is a quick little inch-worm. 

We are getting her little body accustomed to the new time zone (as well as daddy's), but overall she is eating and sleeping like a champ. 

A few delicious pics for your consumption (I have yet to download any from her being home, those will have to be the next post!):

**We have changed the blog title. It is appropriate because we are quickly becoming master's of the peek-a-boo game, and it has a deeper  meaning for Cupcake. I can't believe that this blog is going to become more about being a family and the journey that encompasses, and less about the process (both legal and emotional) to bring our daughter to her new home. Yippeee!!!!!!


SaraLyons said...

Congrats! She is beautiful. You are such lucky parents!

redstamper7 said...

So excited for your new family, Lindsey. I hope you are feeling better and all settle in very soon. Congratulations!!

Becky Thomas


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