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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Let Me Introduce You to Our New Nieces

If I could list the miracles at play in the lives of our newest nieces, I would. To be honest, I'm still having trouble wrapping my mind around it. They made it to 24 weeks on Friday, September 3rd at midnight...Breley Ann was born at 2:05 am and Kailey Elizabeth was born at 2:30am. They each weighed 1 lb and 6 oz, and were 12 inches long. They are receiving great care, and they are fighting their way through. I keep telling everyone, that I have this specific picture in my head and it is years from now, and we are telling Breley and Kailey about how people far and wide prayed for their protection, health and safety...and it is such a neat picture in my mind, because the prayers were resoundingly answered. I have nothing but utter faith...that this is coming true. Thanks to everyone who has prayed. Words do not adequately describe the gratitude. 

You would think that after hearing the weight, inches, etc that I would have been prepared to actually see them. NOT AT ALL. Mind you, I have seen preemies before, I have nieces that happen to be triplets, and they too were born early. I wanted so badly to speak to Breley when I saw her, but I was speechless (this is a truly rare occurence for me...if I am ever quiet, it isn't because I don't know what to say...it is usually because I am restraining myself. Not this time.) All I could utter to Breley, was that I love her, and it was barely above a whisper. I saw Kailey from afar. She was in the middle of receiving some treatment, and frankly...I couldn't watch. It struck me, that here I am freaking out in my mind and Miss Kailey is just handling it like a champion. I am a weakling! 

So, if you would--just continue to pray for the strength of these little miracles, and the peace and strength of their mom and dad and older sister.Thank you!!!!!

A note about our adoption. We got them done Friday, and it was quite uneventful. It wasn't a problem that I showed up at Kevin's appointment (mine isn't technically until Tuesday). We are just waiting for Homeland Security to process everything, and will begin waiting by the mailbox for our I-171H approval...the last paperwork. Yippee!!!!! Oh, and we are "unofficially" #34 on the waiting list for our referral! We will wait a couple more weeks to call for an updated, official #. You know I will let you know when I know!

I dig that the girls are already into fashion accessories. Purple goggles, baby! (I already bought them headbands, bows and flowers!)


Emily said...


Just wanted you to know occasionally I come on over & catch up on your blog writings- I love it!! Hope all is well with you! You, your family, & especially at this time your nieces will be in my thoughts & prayers!

Emily Ament

SaraLyons said...

Im saying a little prayer for your nieces.

MoDLin said...

Your little nieces are beautiful. Best wishes for their continued growth and good health. If you or their parents would like to connect with other families of preemies, visit the March of Dimes community called Share Your Story: http://www.shareyourstory.org/ Many people have found it extremely supportive.


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