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Monday, September 20, 2010

CaringBridge for Kailey

Much of my mind and energy is consumed by thinking and praying for my tiny little niece, Kailey Elizabeth. She is a miracle to be witnessed. We also continue to grieve the loss of baby Breley, but are sustained by the thought that she fought so hard to give her sister, Kailey valuable time in utero, in order to give her a fighting chance. Kailey is taking full advantage of that gift from her sister! 

Kevin and I are waiting to receive our I171-H approval (immigration), so there isn't a ton of adoption news to post. We are still sitting unofficially at #34 (and really hoping to see some movement on the list SOON!) Really quickly, a public apology to my dear friend, Ashley in regards to the "longest e-mail ever." Thanks for letting me get all of my thoughts, fears, hopes, dreams, fears, and more fears out in the open today! You know I love ya!

Below I have pasted the e-mail about Kailey's CaringBridge site. Prayers welcome (any negative thoughts need not apply). Thanks in advance!

Dear Family and Friends,
We have decided to create a CaringBridge website because Facebook doesn't really allow an in-depth update. There is so much happening in one day with our little girl that it is impossible to keep everyone updated by email and Facebook.  Please follow Kailey's progress here.  Thank you!
Visit Kailey’s website in two easy ways:

    1. Visit the CaringBridge website by clicking the link below.

    2. Enter the website name, kaileyvandrovec, at www.CaringBridge.org.
When you visit you’ll be asked to log in, because I’ve chosen to keep the site private.

Show your support for Kailey
• Visit and keep up to date.
• Leave a message in the guestbook.
• Receive e-mail notifications when the journal is updated.
Thank you.
Terry and Jessica

CaringBridge is a free, nonprofit web service that connects family and friends to share information, love and support during a serious health event, care and recovery. Feel free to contact CaringBridge if you have any questions about using the site or need assistance.
If your e-mail program does not allow you to click on the above link, just copy and paste the address into the address bar of your web browser.
Please save this e-mail for future reference.

Kailey getting a snuggle with Momma!

Kailey and a snuggle with Daddy!
Dark hair and little ears!


SaraLyons said...

Im praying so hard for your little niece! I look on our blog everyday for updates. Thanks for the caringbridge website.

Joe and Meredith said...

I think the picture of Kailey snuggling with Daddy is truly the most beautiful picture I have ever seen. I continue to pray for you and your family and ALL that you're going through.

God Bless,

LBWV said...

Thanks to both of you for the continued prayers and support! That little tiger is still fighting!


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