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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Homeland Security Looks Favorably Upon Us

We received our I171-H approval from USCIS (immigration/homeland security) this week, and it has already been forwarded to our agency. Whew! It is the last piece of the paperwork puzzle. Now what am I suppose to do? While the paperwork was daunting at times, it did give us a sense of purpose. We would celebrate every little thing that we finished, and it really felt like we were getting somewhere. Now, we are to just sit and wait? Hmmm, ok...because that is something that I am fantastic at (insert sarcastic tone here). 

Maybe I will secretly start decorating the nursery!? Good thing Kevin doesn't actually read OUR blog. All of my "secrets" are safe here. 

We are "unofficially" #31 on the referral wait list this week, and you should be impressed that I have yet to call and get an updated "official" # from the agency. Maybe I am learning a little something about patience, or maybe I just know that I shouldn't harass anyone yet, because I will be calling all too often when we are lower on the list. You decide. I love hearing about referrals for 2 reasons. Of course, with each one we hear about, we move one step closer to our son or daughter. Even more than that though, it is a sweet feeling to know that another child has been matched with a Forever Family and will be home soon. Just a warm fuzzy even all around!

An update on our niece, Kailey. The surgery went as planned. The recovery seems to be going as smoothly as it can. As always, we ask for continued prayers for a smooth and fast recovery, as well as strength and peace for her family. I am excited to head there next weekend and have some quality time with my favorite 6 year old in the whole world (Kailey's amazing big sis--Mya).


Lori and Eric Stark said...

LOL about your secrets! I thought I was the only one whose husband didn't read anything that she did! :-) hahahaha!

Jennifer said...

Congratulations! I remember feeling such relief when we finally received our approval.

Dustin & Megan said...

congrats on finally being on the official wait list! found your blog through another (you know how that goes). just curious which agency you are using? we are using awaa for our ethiopian adoption. prayers that the wait will be bearable and not too long :)

LBWV said...

We are using Holt International. Thanks for reading the blog! Do you have one???


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