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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vacay and Elusive Homestudy

We made it to and fro Colorado and had an awesome time seeing the sights and spending time with family! We went whitewater rafting, swam in the natural hot springs (smell stinky, but was fun nonetheless) did a little shopping, lots of driving in the mountains, checked out the Boulder, CO culture. Whew. I am glad I am home recovering and getting things done and feel badly that Kevin is already on a flight to Kansas for work. 
My patience was GONE today when I checked the mail and the homestudy still wasn't there :( --I called our agency to make sure everything was okay. I had promised myself I wasn't going to do that, but I just couldn't take it anymore! Well, the good news is the homestudy had been mailed out. The bad news is, it was mailed to the wrong address! I know mistakes happen, and nobody is to blame, but I felt so disappointed anyway. I am better now! The wrong address happens to be our old address, and we do have our mail forwarded, sooooooo- we are hoping that it will still show up SOON! If it doesn't come in the next couple of days, the agency will start the process of getting signatures and notarization done again. I can do this...just a little longer!

A pic inside the Fairy Cave...My mom and sister are a little timid when it comes to heights, and the only way to the caves was a gondola ride up the side of a mountain. They went mini-golfing instead :)
Can't you tell that my brother is so excited to visit the Fairy Caves?!
We're goin down!
They call this one Ol' Faceful--it sure was!

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