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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Did You WIN???? (Please don't take it out on my dog if you didn't!)

There are certainly bigger problems in life, but I was nervous to do that actual drawing for the FREE t-shirt. I wanted everyone to win, and Kevin is out of town for work, so I couldn't ask him to do it (then I could have let all those who didn't win direct their disappointment at him). So, I did the next best thing...I passed the buck to Diogee (pronounced D.O.G.) 

Diogee was at the kennel while we were in Colorado, and when I picked him up this morning, he smelled a little funky (read: he stunk). I gave him a bath first thing, and that went a long way in improving his funk. His breath needed a little work, soooooooo-- I printed off all of the names of those entered in the drawing, and I wrapped each name on an individual "greenies" treat (the treats are suppose to freshen breath--I don't think it worked).

Note: I really am sorry if you didn't win. If you would still like a shirt, you can order one for $20. (Shipping is an added $5). The proceeds are going to sponsor the care center in Ethiopia so that they may continue their amazing work caring for children, just like the precious baby we are working to adopt. Our goal is $500 and we aren't quite half-way. Anything over that amount, and we would like to donate the $ to other families adopting from Ethiopia. The cost is daunting and over-whelming, and we feel called to do anything we can to help connect children with families! Thank you in advance for your generosity, whether it be financial, prayer or positive thoughts. We sincerely appreciate the LOVE.
The individually wrapped "Greenies"

Next, I put each of them in a circle on the floor, and I placed Diogee in the middle. I thought he would have more trouble staying put, but he stayed better than I imagined. When I told him "good boy" he turned to his left and picked a treat. He did get a 2nd one before I got them all picked up, his lucky day I guess! I took pictures as evidence that we didn't cheat and did this as fairly as possible! 

Diogee in his very own, "heaven on earth" aka "treat circle"
The Winning Pick!
I think this is actually treat #2 that he is enjoying...I was busy trying to take pics, and find out the winner, and he took FULL advantage :)
And the WINNER IS...
Yay, Cari! E-mail or message me your shirt size and address! Congratulations and thank you for participating!    


Mary Pat Wahl said...

Wow, Linz! I love your ingenious idea! But the pic of "D" eating his GREENIES treat grosses me out! I'm glad you state what it is 'cuz never would have guessed on my own! I LOVE that dog!!!

Lori Leedom said...

Too funny! Hope he wasn't tortured by the fact you took the rest away! I'll take one anyway! Sunday, when school starts, in between? Later!


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