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Friday, July 16, 2010

"5 Million Children" T-shirt Giveaway

I am doing a little bit of copy-cat action here, but when someone comes up with such a great idea, you have to jump on that action! We are still waiting for our notarized homestudy, and I needed something to keep me occupied. Hopefully that prized piece of mail comes by early next week as we are leaving town for a few days late next week. 

So, here is how you can enter the drawing for one of the funky green t-shirts.

1. Post about this giveaway (with the site name) on your blog and leave a comment here to tell us about it.

2. Post about this giveaway on twitter (with the site name) and leave a comment here to tell us about it.

3. Post about this giveaway on facebook  (with the site name) and leave a comment here to tell us about it.

**The idea here is to spread the word about our t-shirts, raise awareness about orphans/adoption. 

~The $ raised by the t-shirts is going toward helping us make a donation to the care center/orphanage that will support our baby so that they can continue their amazing work and ministry for other children. Let's be honest--after 2 trips to Ethiopia, we won't be able to afford a donation of any type on our own :S (If we can raise enough $ to make a decent donation, we would LOVE to use the contributions in order to help other adopting families meet their financial goals to bring their little ones home!!!!!!)

We will draw for he giveaway on Tuesday, July 27th--so you have plenty of time to get in on the action! Don't worry, if you don't win the giveaway, you can purchase one for $20...I just placed a new order :)

Thanks in advance for participating! 


Ashley said...

I did it!

Callie said...

Posted on Facebook! Love.

Terry Vandrovec said...

I gave you play on Twitter and Facebook. Double rainbows, yo.

Emily Buckingham said...

Ok Lindsey I don't know how to post this on facebook... :( Help me.


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