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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

We don't put too much stock into Valentine's Day, but we do use it as a reminder to spend a little extra intentional time together. In fact, we have a tradition around here and it is going on it's 7th year. The husband's FAVORITE restaurant (I'm pretty sure in any category) is Taco Bell. If you could see my face as I type Taco Bell you would know that my face says, "Taco Smell." I really, really, really, really am not a TB fan. It just skeezes (is that a word? How is it really spelled?) me out. So, my gift every year is to agree to eat at Taco Smell on Valentine's Day without hesitation and complaint. This is such an effective (cheap) gift that the husband has been talking about it since the calendar read February. My gift from the husband is watching ANY movie I pick out. This really doesn't mean much, because he is such an easy-going dude. If I actually wanted to make it painful for him, I'd force him to read a fiction book out loud to me. He is an engineer so he would much prefer something with logic and numbers. You may be asking yourself how we ever got married in the first place? My answer: we were too young to know any better, but it works, and it works well (almost always). 

The only change in this year's tradition? There will be a sweet little Cupcake tagging along. She will most likely protest anything from the Taco Smell menu, and not just because she is a girl after my own heart... more like, she protests most foods that aren't bananas, peas, cereal...

So, I thought we would let her wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day in the best way she knew how: 


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