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Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Reason for Change

We have been fielding many questions about how the adoption process can change for us at what seems, "the drop of a hat," and why aren't we 'grandfathered' in since we started the process nearly a year ago. Well, for one, there are no guarantees in the International Adoption process, and so change is 'the name of the game.' We knew that going in, and we were quickly clued in to the changes as the process went from adoptive families making 1 trip to 2 trips within a few short months of officially beginning the process.

Ethiopia has come under scrutiny for ensuring that the adoptions completed are done with the utmost ethical steps taken in ALL cases. This is a good thing for the birth families, children and adoptive families, even if it means the process lengthens. 

We took about 6+months to do our research on all of our options related to adoption, including domestic vs. international, countries and especially agencies. We are certain that we picked an agency that works extremely hard to uphold ethical practices. Praise the Lord! However, some families were not so lucky, and sadly, yesterday, it was announced that a specific agency was closed down from conducting adoptions in Ethiopia as there are serious accusations (and quite possibly proof that I'm certainly not privy to) of child trafficking. Dear families and friends, take heed that while this is an adoption horror story for many children and families, it is best not to speak of this story as 'gospel' to any family that you know in the adoption process (that last comment may seem harsh, but really, many adoptive families have done their due diligence and it gets tiring to field comments and stories about everyone's brothers, friends, uncle that had a bad adoption experience, just trust me on this... *smile*).

This situation is complex and nuanced as is everything in the adoption process. We are saddened for the families still in process with this agency, because yesterday they were informed that everything was coming to a screeching halt, and that is a gut-wrenching thing. We are also especially saddened for any birth families that may have been coerced or lied to in relinquishing their children. Heart aches too, for the children both wrongly caught up in the web of lies, as well as those children that were rightfully relinquished as they will sit longer in orphanage care waiting for a family to love on them. However, as adoptive parents in process, we are relieved to see concrete action being taken against unethical agencies that perpetrate these crimes against humanity, especially when it appears they so callously have no regard for the rights or feelings of all those involved. Ugh...what a nasty situation.

HERE is a more direct explanation of what is going on, minus my emotional ramblings.  

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tonyaperkins said...

Linds and Kevin - Thank you for sharing your story with everyone. I wish you all the best in your adoption journey. I will send my prayers. - Tonya P.


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