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Friday, December 17, 2010

If You Don't Stay Up To Date On Your Immunizations

The countdown at the bottom of the page tells me that we have 'officially' been on this journey for 9 months and 3 weeks. It seems to me that the first 5 months went fairly quickly. We were consumed with paperwork, appointments, etc. The last 4 months (almost 5) have kind of drug on... We haven't had anything to do other than read up and wait. We decided to prepare ourselves for travel (mostly to distract ourselves and help us go back to the mode of checking things on the list and hopefully make us feel like we are that much closer to bringing baby home). So, we made a trip to the travel clinic today. We thought we were getting 1 shot for sure...maybe 2...and 3 depending on how our questions were answered. Ummmmmmm, we both ended up with 6 shots. OUCH! So, I guess this is why we should have made sure to get silly things like Tetanus shots when they were due. Looks like we were outdated on pretty much everything, so we got to throw a few in there "for fun." While I can't say that I enjoy getting shots, I do alright. I just talk to myself (tell myself I'll be okay) and take deep breaths. I think that's all I will say about that. K got all 6 shots too, but I think we learned something about ourselves today. What did we learn, you may ask? We learned that I will be the one taking our child for immunizations. LOL. The look on K's face when I got the 6 needles was PRICELESS. Guess he should have gone first? Ha! 

The good news of the day? I'm all caught up on my shots! The not so good news? BOTH of my arms HURT already. My mom wants me to call her tomorrow just so she can hear how badly they hurt in the morning. Goof ball...

Other good news? It's the weekend! Hope you enjoy yours! I'm hoping to not be a test subject for "why you shouldn't get all of those immunizations at the same time." I have some shopping to do still! 

Oh, and... we haven't moved on the list. **Sigh**

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